United Nations … Reconsidered

Well, if the UN is really taking Israel’s side in the South, they make not like the thanks they get from Israel in return.

I have a hard time accepting your position, Bechir… Having known some of the UNIFIL guys down south, I have a hard time accepting that they would deliberately assist either side. The soldiers themselves have absolutely no love for either Hizbullah or Israel — they save their affection for unsuspecting Lebanese girls. As for their commanders, I have a hard time believing that they could be swayed into support of a particular military operation. Not because they are saints, but because they are in a rather vulnerable position, such that their safety and security from both sides depends on the appearance of equanimity.

As for your story from your reliable source, I think a much more likely explanation is that the UNIFIL guys probably felt like they would be overrun by the Israelis if they did not get out of the way … I have no idea, so that is just a guess. Moreover, given the Israelis’ willingness to hit UN targets if need be, perhaps they may be forgiven for fearing for their lives. Another possibility is that they were frustrated with Hizbullah putting them in the line of fire and thus wanted to send a message that they would not run interference at the risk of their lives … All such maneuvering, however, would be very situation specific and so again I would argue against any notion of a UNIFIL decision to assist the Israelis or Hizbullah … The devil is the details, though, so who knows? Not me …

As for the arrogance of the UN, well of course, but again we are talking about a large bureaucracy that responds to institutional needs as well as geo-political realities, so it would be hard for me to accept that the UN has somehow taken a pro-Israel position on fighting in the south on the operational level. Certainly, the UN writ-large has taken a political position on the crisis, but it is not in their nature for this to be translated quickly or at all into operational protocols. Moreover, even if such a decision was made — and again I say this is really highly unlikely, it is unlikely to have any force on the ground as those boys down there in the South just want to go home without being shot by either side …

Perhaps if the Irish were still there, UNIFIL might have more of a presence, more of a position that could not be f****d with, but alas the boys have returned to their draughthouses back home …


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