The ambulance hit outside of Tyre

Go it from here. It shows the precision of Israeli “intelligent” bombing of “terrorist” targets.


7 Replies to “The ambulance hit outside of Tyre”

  1. Do you think that Hezbollah is using ambulances to haul supplies around? Or do you think Israel just enjoys killing civilians?

  2. i don’t know, you tell me:

    I know many people who work with the red cross. They told me that first, there was no Hezbollahi in, or next, or even far from, this ambulance.

    Second, no Hezbollahi uses a red cross ambulance, it was never reported that such a thing happens.

    third, there was no reported stolen lebanese red cross ambulance, or even given to the group.

    I will give you a much simpler explanation:

    In times of war some parties may get desperate as they aren’t achieving much and are actually losing.

    Also in time of war, if those who are losing happen to also be the one who have the biggest military arsenal they will feel even more humiliated. the result is:

    They will start shooting at anything that moves. a couple of days ago they shot at a motorcycle with two guys on it. do you think these guys were Hezbollah fighters? do you think Hezbollah fighters travel around on motorcycles?

    well if you do, then you’re like the Israeli army, dumb and desperate.

    Of course you could enjoy torturing or killing civilians or human being in general as history of humans would show us. recently take for example Abu Ghraib. Isn’t it weird that there were Israeli advisors there to teach how to torture “Arabs”?

    So for me, it is very possible that Israelis do enjoy killing civilians. why then do you have all these weird chemical substances in the bomb thrown that makes the people turn black or have their organs completely dislocated?

  3. I guess it’s possible, since Hezbollah certainly seems to enjoy killing civilians. I’ve got no opinion on it, since I’m far away from this war and don’t completely understand it.

    But i would suggest you not buy into chemical weapon conspiracy theories. Having been shot with a shotgun from about 5 feet I can tell you that my arm turned black around the wound (gunpowder maybe? I don’t know), and had that b*st*rd hit me in the chest, there is no doubt I would have had my organs completely dislocated in various parts of the room.

  4. – Nothing shows that Hezbollah enjoys killing civilians. Be more aware of the conflict and its development. If you’re watching fox news or cnn then too bad, because you would probably no w think that Hezbollah are “terrorists” who are blood thirsty for world dominion.

    – Also, please read the reports that shows that Israel uses illegal substance like phosphore and others in their bombs making it more painful and causing greater dislocation on victims. Just come to a Hospital in Beirut and see it from your own eyes. just ask the doctors who have never seen such a thing before.

  5. No I just think they are blood thirsty for the end of Israel. I believe that statement is in their charter. I’ll look into it more and get back to you.

    I don’t think you have followed the data to it’s logical conclusion. Hezbollah shows that it enjoys killing civilians when it fires rockets semi-randomly into Israel. The most they can hope for is a few dead civilians, so since they keep doing it, they must be killing civilians on purpose.

    Contrary to popular opinion, phosphorous is not an illegal chemical in weaponry. What it does is burn with a bright light. It’s used to light up the battlefield at night. It would suck to get hit with a shell loaded with it, but it would suck to get hit with a regular shell just as much!

    I think I’m coming down on the opposite side of your argument. I just found a video on youtube showing Hamas guerillas loading into a UN/Red Cross ambulence, with guns in hand. Since Hamas and Hezbollah are cut from the same mold, it’s not unreasonable to assume Hezbollah is willing to use ambulences to wage war as well.

  6. Blogagog,

    I would agree with some of your points and disagree with others. Hizbullah is fighting a guerrilla war and thus using all the time-honored tactics of such a military strategy. Really they have no choice and Israel has no choice but to kill civilians. Are Hizbullah guys riding motorcycles in the South … Yes I am sure of it … Are they using ambulances for transport? I dont know but it seems possible … About the chemicals in the bombs, I have no idea, but am open to either possibility …

    I think these “ethical” arguments about which side is using more moral tactics are misplaced. First we have the fog of war, which confuses and makes impossible what many will take to be “facts” at first glance … Secondly, the larger issue is strategic … If Israel wants to attack Hizbullah, it will have to kill one hell of a lot of civilians and it seems to have accepted this reality … However, doing so undermines their objectives in Lebanon (tilting the political balance by weakening Hizbullah) so really all it is doing is killing civilians for no strategic purpose … This is the problem in Israel and raises moral questions … As for Hizbullah firing rockets into Israel indiscriminately, it is yet unclear whether or not this weakens or strengthens Israeli support for the war … All war involves terror … The real question is whether that terror contributes to more war or more peace …

  7. a couple of remarks:

    – hezbollah does not fire “semi-randomly its rocket. it responds to Israeli killing of civilians and destruction of infrastructure. remember who started shooting.

    – hezbollah is very precise in its rocketing. they fired right next to electric plant just to warn that they can hit the electric plant if needed. this shows calculation.

    – hezbollah knows very well that israel has basement to keep israeli protected and is only shooting to create fear and exasperation among hte israeli population so that they push to stop the war.

    – there is no such thing in Hezbollah’s charter as the destruction of Israel. their goals are very simple: retrieve from the rest of occupied territories, give us the prisoners, give us the map of the minefields.

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