The new Frenchman in the East

Well, it turns out that there may well be interesting developments in French politics with the arrival of Nicholas Sarkozy as president. The French envoy Jean-Claude Cousseran who was roaming around the backdoors of Syrian government buidings around the time Mustaqbal deputy Walid Eido was killed, turns out to have a history of confrontation with French ex-president and Hariri long time friend Jacques Chirac. In this article dated from June 2002, Cousseran is said to have been fired by Chirac because he was trying to find proof of corruptive practices done by the latter. More than that, Cousseran was the head of the main French espionage agency, the Direction Generale de La Securité Exterieure (DGSE).

So please can somebody tell me why when this type of guy goes to Syria to investigate possibilities of change in French-Syrian political relations does a newly found Lebanese “anti-Syrian” politician get killed?


2 Replies to “The new Frenchman in the East”

  1. lol, maybe France is also turning “pro-syrian”… 😉

    Seriously I don’t think any “interesting developments” will come out of this. Sarkozy is settling his longtime feud with chirac but once this is left behind he will clearly sell himself to the highest bidder (Hariri…).

  2. Tchifna,

    you may be right, but I think that French politics may change not vis-a-vis American politics per say, but just as a distance to what Chirac has been doing all this time which is capturing state policy directed towards pure private ‘reglement de compte’. It does not mean that Sarkozy will act in a “public-interest” oriented way of course. Just the fact that another clique of French security officials, diplomats, and bureaucrats are assuming power, we have different ‘reglement de compte’ that will be formed.

    In brief, Chirac’s deals are not Sarkozy’s. And Sarkozy has still no “deals”, and may not be such a person. Let’s see what happens.

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