Stamping in Tel Aviv

So it turns out that in Israel a stamp has been made with the face of French candidate for presidency Nicholas Sarkozy as a thank you note for his ‘Comité de soutien à Israel’.
I am posting this because I know that most of the French/Lebanese community want to vote for him as “the right is always pro-Arab in France”. Not when the right is Bushite you fools.
And of course there are other reasons why Sarkozy is the most horrible thing that has ever happened to France. I call this, the ‘burger effect’. (Thanks Nicholas)


2 Replies to “Stamping in Tel Aviv”

  1. Sadly, I don’t think Segolene and Bayrou are any more inspiring.
    At least Segolene would be nice to look at.

    I’m kinda relieved I forgot to sign up on the listes electorales on time because I have no idea who to vote for or against. The bush-licking scientologist, the pin-up or the vegetable? I’m hoping Chirac will save himself the embarrassment of trying to run again.

    Who do you like best among all these protagonists?

  2. Chirac can’t go for a re-run.

    France is in the exact situation it was in 6 years ago: a weak and divided left, and a rising extreme right (le Pen) with less extreme right playing on the contradictions of both political realities (Sarkozy).

    So in this case, voting left is a necessity I think. A kind of lesser evil.

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