It’s the economy stupid

That the political clout of some of the Party of God’s services extends beyond class and even sectarian affiliation is illustrated by a personal anecdote reported to me by an independent candidate from the Biqa’a. The candidate, who lost to one of Hizballah’s contestants in the 1992 parliamentary elections, had solicited the vote of a lifelong acquaintance, a Christian from Bishwat in the Biqa’a. In reply, the man from Bishwat had asked, “Where were you when we needed emergency snow removal and fuel? In this village, everyone is going to vote for Hizballah.”

Harik, Judith P. “Between Islam and the System: Sources and Implications of Popular Support for Lebanon’s Hizballah”, The Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 40, No. 1. (Mar., 1996), p. 55


4 Replies to “It’s the economy stupid”

  1. hehe yes it is nice. A lot of insights in the article, but some of it is pretty primitive, especially the conceptual framework: You just can’t research on “Islam” as a source of political mobilization, that requires you to be very static in your description, not being able to account for changes and historically determined phenomenon and circumstantial nuances. But I don’t want to overburden this blog with academic rambling…

  2. hmm … i’ll take a look at it once i’m back with a decent connection. i only ask because j. p. harik wrote the book “hezbollah: the changing face of terrorism” which was sort of static in nature (as you mention in your comment). her articles on druze were more interesting.

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