I hear it (from a seriously reliable source) that Druze MP Walid Jumblatt is unrelentingly trying to get in touch with our sister (sourya el shakika) next door. But to no avail, it seems that the Syrians are really fed up this time.
7aram Jumblatt… he was close to winning everything (the climax was the 14th of March 2005) but instead he may have just lost everything… The history of the Druze community will unfortunately contain this black dot for decades of confessional narrative to come.


2 Replies to “S.O.S.”

  1. well, he sent a big bunch of flowers yesterday to al shakika when he accused hexbollah of the attempt to kill marwan hamade more than 2 years ago. since then, he was everyday accusing syria of it. he probably got new instructions about who to agress now…

  2. I think that it’s Jumblatt who’s trying to pressure the US policy makers not to abandon him…

    Now that the US is courting Syria, Jumblatt may lose the only friend he has left.

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