SSNP weapons seized

Weapons seized in Koura in the offices of the SSNP (Syrian Social Nationalist Party). There are claims that these weapons are old and that the 14th of March (Fatfat) is trying to find scapegoats for the security instabilities.
In any case, my biggest worry would be SSNP and LF (Lebanese Force) clashing. It is intra-Christian hostilities that are mostly to be feared in Lebanon, as it is the most politically divided sect in Lebanon.


16 Replies to “SSNP weapons seized”

  1. what does my comment has to do with your post?

    Talking about clashes between FL and Qawmi … you know the FL accuse the Qawmi for the bombing of the church in 1994…

    I won’t be surprised if they open this folder on the occasion

  2. i think it is online. i’ll try to find the link, but no promises … my internet connection sucks …

    (if i remember correctly, it was quite silly …)

  3. it was put on Lebanese Forces site in the video sction (7akim fee zenzana). But i think they removed it?? re-check again bech.
    I watched it. It is not a documentary, it’s a one-man-show(or one-saint show). Note that all the courts details were discarded. check jizelle’s last question to him and his answer.

  4. Well I don’t advise anyone to hear what the voice-off of al ARabiya is saying.. at some point it calls Samir Geagea a “rich in humanism”…

    Now somebody who tells my that Samir Kassir could still be respected and taken seriously after marrying a catastrophy such as Gizelle Khoury, please shove your arguments in..

    What’s even more pitiful, is that Saudi Al Arabiya is very happy to show extremist Christians glorified on its channels as it shows that despite the extremism of these Christians the Saudis are very tolerant and ‘democratic’ and are ready to air such extremities.

    And pseudo-journalists like Gizelle Khoury play the game.

    It’s like Kassir and the Palestinian cause. Or Kassir’s Orientalism in his book on the ’causes’ of ARab ‘stagnation’. As if such static generalities could be drawn except in Bernard Lewis’ books.

  5. Gizelle: have you thought of leaders in the world while you were in prison?

    Geagea: yes i thought of martin luther king (footage of M. King..), I thought of Nelson Mandela..

    Gizelle: have you thought of Bachir Gemayel? [what kind of stupid question is that]

    Geagea: yes I thought of Gemayel because if he was a live we wouldn’t be in this situation right now

    Man is this sensational tabloid journalism or what? I don’t even want to account for what setridda says… Horrible horrible… shame… It’s all about marketing, creating a story, like you create a brand, with violins and cheesy music… Can’t take this stupid romanticism. And it ends with geagea lighting candles in a church.. poor Christians… or those who had the unfortunate luck to be born Christians in this country…

  6. I find it funny that you find “intra-Christian” fighting as the biggest threat to Lebanon. Hehe, I mean seriuosly, were you not around this summer?

  7. ya blackswede what happened in lebanon this summer BETWEEN Lebanese?

    Also, i’m sure you have better knowledge of Lebanese history to know that intra-fighting is much more vicious than fighting occupation or an external power.

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