Seniora met Olmert?

Apparently in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, during the Ramadan period. It’s also quoted in the Israeli newspapers. Hizbullah’s website mentions it. It all comes from the same source, the Palestinian news Agency Maan.
Well, I hope they met, these two have so much in common, it would be a shame not to share insights. Seriously.

On a more strategic note, the discussions allegedly revolved around countering the “Iranian-Syrian axis” through Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi cooperation. I’d like to see to what extent these three can cooperate!

And finally, on a moral note: How great are our newspapers to mention this event… I mean do I have to always read right-wing trashy Jerusalem Post’s to learn stuff happening in my country?


9 Replies to “Seniora met Olmert?”

  1. annahar had an article saying seniora’s office denied the accusation. (link is somewhere on angry arab’s site). who knows if maan is telling the truth, or just wrote up something a “source” told them …

  2. oh really annahar said so? how surprising…
    by the way denials were also on Hizbullah’s website.
    Of course he’s going to deny. legally any official that meets with an Israeli official is liable to incur death penalty under highest national treason charges.

  3. yeah siniora denied it, his sources claiming he had meetings in Lebanon on that day.
    but then again also some sources close to him claimed siniora traveled to egypt on that day, for ‘private’ reasons.

    i dont remember where i read that, and can’t be bothered to look it up

  4. ‘Of course he’s going to deny. legally any official that meets with an Israeli official is liable to incur death penalty under highest national treason charges.’

    Give me a break, how do you suggest dialogue would start? or we keep on fighting each other and cause the death of thousands and the destruction of countries just to stick to what is claimed to be legal.

  5. haha because you think that seniora and olmert would meet to talk about peace for ‘their people’?? They’re more likely to talk about how to eradicate a portion of this people and possibly stay in power.
    YOU give me a break… Besides I am against death penalty for whatever the reason adn I think we should talk to Israelis if it does not involve harming other people.

  6. i must have sounded a bit nasty in my answer. I deeply apologize if it is the case. I am running too fast in my head. So I didn’t have the time to answer in a calmer way.
    Be well.

  7. I wouldn’t say that “am”‘s “give me a break” was not also somehow nasty in itself, specially considering the fact that you where only stating the obvious reason for which Siniora would necessarily deny the meeting even if it where true. And so without making any moral judgement on the issue or supporting this idea.
    Bech I think for once you didn’t really have to apologize 😉

  8. No problem bech … from your reply, it seems that we both agree that dialogue doesn’t harm and can always be a start whether with Siniora or Olmert or other people you have more faith in, etc. doesn’t really matter who as long as the idea of dialogue starts filtering into our mind and stops being regarded as a synonym of betrayal … because it simply isn’t. That was my point anyway.

    I do apologize if my comment seemed nasty … gotta be careful with the choice of words and structure of the sentence I guess 🙂

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