From Ben Gurion to Rafic Hariri

A historical moment if we are to believe information gathered by Hezbollah. For the first time in history a plane landed in the Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut directly from the Ben Gourion International Airport in Tel-Aviv. The report is highly detailed: a falcon type airplane with about 10 people on board arrived on november 21 at 11 a.m and stayed until 7p.m. The crew where granted entrance to Lebanon as offical visitors although no officials where here to receive them. Also it seems that the whole operation was supervised by a cell of four american experts who have a bureau on the second flour of the airport and are payed 120 000 USD a month to perform a very obscure task.
Total propaganda? Possibly. With a clear aim at subverting the recent Gemayel assassination. But the Hezb could also have some very strong intelligence gatherers at the airport and the story might have leaked. I guess we will never know, its one more of these numerous mysteries that fill our history and the kind of info an ‘international tribunal’ oddly never unfolds, not even if we wait 25 years.


2 Replies to “From Ben Gurion to Rafic Hariri”

  1. the practice of political assassination started in lebanon in the sixties. since then, almost 40 leaders (religious, political, journalists) were killed. not one single inquiry was seriously led. because almost every party would be incriminated.that’s why i don’t think they will ever start any investigation.

  2. Such assassinations are not meant to be unfolded. History can list so many of these mysteries. We are not allowed to know the truth. A simple example, was the assassination of JFK revealed?

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