Civil war in Palestine

That’s it, ask any Irish he would have told you long ago that the Palestinians would end up in this situation once occupation last so long that parties once opposed to such occupation would end up finding common grounds with the occupation because of vested interests at stake. There are no secrets to understand Aristotle’s political animal. Just look at what happened to other animals before you.
By the way, notice how the article calls Abbas “moderate Palestinian President”. The crystallization of concepts such as “Arab moderates”, that many denounced as the mere facade of a political agenda (i.e. of the ideological kind), are now a given for the press suckers.

2 Replies to “Civil war in Palestine”


    Part One:

    Israeli’s give up a few illegal outposts.

    Palestinians engage if full scale civil war.
    (USA and Israel will deal with whoever is left standing, but only if it is the “partner” they want)

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