More mysteries

The french could have shot Ben Laden in Afghanistan twice in 2003 and 2004, soldiers have testified, they had him in sight on several occasions. Why didn’t they do it? Because they did not receive any order from central American command.
Either the Americans ignored them because they would have hated to face the fact that the French have shot their (pretendedly) greatest enemy. Or the French and Americans had decided to communicate via flying pigeons and they didn’t manage to go back and forth on time.
The more likely explanation is that somehow they didn’t want him dead. Does this surprise anyone?


4 Replies to “More mysteries”

  1. if he had been shot then, who would they have held responsible for the attack on the twin towers ? maybe saddam, their second best ennemy… but they were not ready yet to bring him down

  2. Nayla this happened after the attacks.
    Funny how we still feel these attacks happened yesterday, some kind of a-temporal mass media overdose side effect?

  3. Try living in the US and you feel the attacks happened just this morning … and of course, will happen again later this afternoon … not to mention tomorrow and day after …

  4. yeah, lost notion of time…only yesterday, i received a movie showing new information and proves that the towers fell because of explosives that were inside and not at all because of the plain crashes !

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