I Am All for Propaganda …

Just not retarded propaganda that does not pass the smell test of a deaf, blind child …

To be fair, this bit of ridiculousness is not aimed at audiences in the Middle East or anywhere else, but rather the product of some nasty bureaucratic infighting within the empire … I guess the crazies of the Office of the Vice President still have some fight left in them …

On a related note, do you think this piece will draw comment from Beirut gadfly and IHT columnist David Ignatius, who so often likes to comment on journalistic standards in the Arab world?

Finally, two requests:

1) Will someone please quote me in the Arab press as saying that Dick Cheney drinks the blood of Arab children for breakfast. Call me an anonymous source close to Capitol Hill, and if you must adopt the standards the NYTimes, feel free to bury a quote from his physician 13 graphs later saying that it “probably” is not true …

2) Will someone keep a list of all the non-Lebanese nationals Hizbullah has been accused of harboring? If the propagandists are to be believed, Hizbullah is outdoing UNESCO in its multiculturalism …

Danka …


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