"Crushing a Flower of the Cedar Revolution"

Yes my friends this was the title of the article of none other than Mr. Walid Phares top expert (emeritus) of terrorist issues. Do you realize that this guy makes a living out of not only uttering bullshit to American officials but also by endangering the lives of millions of people in the Middle East? And do you know what is the saddest part in the fact that he writes from one of the most Anti-Arab and pro-Zionist right wing stronghold outlet (Front Page Mag)? The saddest part is that he is simply one of those unfortunate human beings who happen to be born on this piece of land that, in an unexpected turn of events (a century ago), became known as Lebanon (yaaneh Lebneneh el zalameh).

Now let’s listen to the oracle:

Instead of authoritarianism and religious fundamentalism, the Lebanese longed for freedom and peace. Given political freedom, the Lebanese — Sunnis, Druze and Christians, along with a growing number of Shiite moderates — emerged as majorities in the country’s government, including in municipalities, student unions, and parliament.

Yes not the dirty Shi’a who are inferior and backward as they love fundamentalism and authoritarianism and vice versa, and it’s just all very black and evil. (Shiite moderates i.e. remnants of the Shi’a landlords who contributed to the oppression and impoverishment of the other Shi’a throughout decades. But the formers are democracy lovers so you can’t blame them)

This one is particularly awesome (!!):

Hezbollah lured others, such as General Michel Aoun, into cooperation.

And here is logical conclusion in this good vs evil world (this is why he gets paid at the end of the day):

The United States and the new Congress must be implacable in resisting the onslaught of terror and fascism in the Middle East.

Notice the “new” Congress? The assassination comes right in time for some good lobbying. And also, if you hit the CTRL F key to search for keywords and type the word “Israel”, you won’t find any results.


10 Replies to “"Crushing a Flower of the Cedar Revolution"”

  1. let me help you “imbch”. Tell me one thing is guy said that is right (i.e. that has to do with some kind of an accurate description of reality), and as a reward, i’ll give you a candy.

    (I’m warning you it’s going to be tough winning this candy, so better think deep)

  2. imbch, leave the kid alone….
    Bech is trying to be a pioneeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
    thinking outside the box…..
    dear Besh outside the damn box, means temporarily, in order to bypass a thought that is going nowhere …bass hadertak blocked thought!!!
    but its ok …you are a pioneeeeeeerrrrr of thought and analysis……preaching equality and fairness.

    PS: i like the kid, at least he forms his own opinion and thinks for himself…not a sheep( i hope)

  3. Ramzi, if you happen to still visit my blog, and happen to pass by these comments, first of all, ahlan fik, and we miss you.

    Second of all, if you read “sound diaspora” you’ll basically know what a pitiful person can “sound” like.

  4. Man, that was a lovely piece … I remember seeing him last year and asking him questions he point blank could not or would not answer. After gloating about of his role in drafting 1559, he was, I think, a little taken aback by the fact that someone (even an ignoramus like myself) in Washington DC might call him on his utter bullshit … I felt I needed a shower after the exchange … Disgusting …

  5. Nice Khomeinist propaganda Mr Remarkz. Faking being a liberal progressive, your writings are sheer propaganda to the Mullahs regime in Tehran, those who butchered the progressives of Iran. Nice try, won’t work with Middle Eastern progressive. It may work with Berkeley junkies, not with the real liberals. You and your online operatives for Hezbollah and its ilk, aren’t convincing anyone outside your club of fascists. Enjoy your writings for yourselves, no one is being swayed by your dirt campaigns..

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