Update: What Samir Geagea has to say

Sorry I must have shuffled too quickly while reading but it seems that Geagea had something to say that is quite revealing:

1- No Syrian bashing at any time

2- He said that there are Trojan horses within the government (a very mysterious thing to say, I really wonder what that means)

3- He called for the Shiite ministers to come back and “let’s forget about what happened this afternoon”

4- Focusing on the necessity – now more than ever – of having the international tribunal and having Lahoud (the president) out of office

5- There are several hands implicated in this assassination


One Reply to “Update: What Samir Geagea has to say”

  1. C’mon, ya bech, one always acts magnanimous when riding the tide to relevance. I could have told you he would say exactly that … Just good politics, especially after the blood is spilt … That is what gives the assisasination of PG a very surgical (three gunman and not a car bomb) feel of being a very inside job … We shall see …

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