The good, the bad and the ugly

A good press title “Is syria this suicidal?“. A question worth thinking about to counter the quasi-conviction of the “anti-Syrians” that it is them who did it without even allowing time for some elements of investigation to emerge.
A bad press title “Lebanon slaying complicates U.S hopes“. These hopes being of course the falacious idea that they want to bring “freedom and democracy” to the Middle-East. I wonder what it would take to finally understand that this is not what the current US administration is about: civil war in Lebanon? New Palestinian deportations? Nukes on Iran? An additional 600 000 thousand dead in Irak?
An ugly press title “Pierre Gemayel funeral turns into anti-Syrian manifestation“. So finally Amine steps out to accuse Syria and pinpoints Lahoud and Aoun as their allies. While the case of Lahoud it quite obvious, the direct accusations towards Aoun are more tricky and confirm the will to create a massive division among Christians that would weaken Aoun who is the major threat to the 14th of march alliance.


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