no news is good news, no?

No News: So, the official civilian death toll in Iraq for October was 3079. Never mind focusing the camera on the living (hell). Numbers are easier to digest. Disturbing, but a fine substitute for Sudoku when you’re stuck for ideas.

No News: The murder of Gaza continues. Israeli business as usual with “targeted assassinations” reliably embellished with a few dead Palestinian kids & mums. Human Rights Watch instructs the caged Palestinians on how better to comply with international humanitarian law by improving their sitting duck skills. And those who can do something (the US), do nothing. The Israeli peaceniks soldier on with a hollow peace message that takes “as its moral yardstick the primacy of Israel’s survival as a Jewish state”.

News!: A “targeted assassination” in Lebanon threatens to shake up not only the zoo, but also the region & even the world! We’re just so photogenic, so valuable…


2 Replies to “no news is good news, no?”

  1. thanks bashir. my co-conspirator, bech, beat me in commenting on your latest excellent post & i held off for fear of sounding like a mutual appreciation society. we’re lebanese – that would be unheard of… 😉

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