Get some sense you people!

Important update: Advised by hilal, this very good post by Jij, that sums up in a much nicer way (that man can write!) the current situation. I advise you to read it carefully, I basically agree with everything he says. Now if you still want to read a similar opinion but written in a much more hectic language, and obscure syntax, please continue below:

I have been scanning Lebanese blogs in a desperate attempt at seeing some sense of wisdom. I guess there isn’t. Of course there are exceptions, but the point is, that the majority of the Lebanese bloggers have just got it wrong. And if these guys are the “intellectuals” and the “thoughts” inscribed on the internet of what the Lebanese thinks then may the gods help us.

Please tell me how on earth a party who by now has enough mobilization strength and coalitional force to topple the government by taking it to the streets decides to take out a minister of this government? (allegedly because this would mean that there will be less people in the government against this party) This is not videogames people!

Tell me how on earth a country who is allied with a party who could finally maybe change the power structures of the country would take out a minister, because accordingly there will be less of a guy to ask for the international tribunal, that was put on hold in any case awaiting the outcomes of the demonstrations. And now apart from the fact that the international tribunal is back on track, there are no demonstrations aside from angry Christians smashing their own neghborhood, signalling more divisions within Christian ranks, and thereby weakening the chief Christian ally (needed for a union) of the above mentioned suspect.

Someone wants you to think this way. Don’t let it get to you, because you’re going straight towards the fragmentation of this country. There is still a chance to change things. Think union not division, now is the time, end these silly quarrels. The more political actors think you can be divided the more killing uselessly will be instrumental.


10 Replies to “Get some sense you people!”

  1. hehe
    till there is no free info source in lebanon , lebanese will be kept in flocks! why everyone is in orange, yello or blue ? are lebanese a new species of sheep “the technicolor sheep”!

  2. you know bech:
    sanioura called for the return of the ministers, so hasan essabe3 was the first to return.. somebody tell this guy that sanioura meant the ministers of HA and AMAL not him!!

    btw, some clashes hapened in beirut today, allah yistor..

    btw, check jij’s post at:
    you ay disagree with some points, bas there is a common ground..

  3. Although I am very wary of cognitive psychology because it very oftenly advances tautological theories, let’s not go into a big theoretical debate here.

    But I still don’t understand your point march14dude. what’s the basic problem you’re having? Are you trying to say something apart from flashing out a definition you recently learned?

    can you be more explicit?

  4. there I’ll remove the posts that bothered everyone so much and try to explain my point without quoting anyone…

    In the post bech seemed surprised by the fact that the intellectual bloggers got it wrong, all I tried to say that this is normal because research suggests that more intellectual/socially apt people do tend to wrongly judge certain situations …

    Sorry for previous linking and quoting never again , I learned my Blog etiquette, regardless of validity of sources the most stubborn always wins 🙂

  5. march14yuppi! you already deleted them!! why?? they were good! I was just pushing you to explain what you meant because I sincerely did not understand what you meant! Please if you wish so you can put your link back on. seriously!

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