Who said Israel is not expansionist?

And this is only for the West Bank:

A new study conducted by left-wing group Peace Now has found that approximately 40 percent of settlements, including long-standing communities, are built on private Palestinian land and not on state-owned land.

In a press conference held in Jerusalem on Tuesday, the group presented a report asserting that out of a total area of 157,000 dunams used by West Bank settlements and industrial zones, 61,000 dunams (approximately 38 percent) are privately owned by Palestinians.

So Let’s do a recap of Israeli strategy for the last couple of years: Pull out of Gaza and encircle with occasional deadly squads sent. Then it becomes a Ghetto (if it’s not already). Next think you know we find a way to deport them (they’re poor, “extremists” and ugly, very easy to legitimize a ‘drastic’ solution, hell, maybe we could just push them to Egypt). Meantime, West Bank is practically all “Israelicized” and by dismantling settlements in Gaza everybody forgot those in WB. The population of WB (the rare Arabs still there) is even more sympathetic to the Israelis (more wealthy etc., look down on the Gaza people). So next thing you know West Bank becomes Israeli. Naturally, those rare Arabs can just go to Jordan which is already filled with people from Palestinian origins.


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