Tears and Gossiping from Beirut

Here is what I heard from friends in Lebanon:

Michel Aoun tried to call several times the Gemayel family to give his condoleances but Amin refused to talk to him. Meanwhile, the French TV LCI reported very weirdly enough that Aoun did not want to call Gemayel for condoleances. Why would they report such a thing? Who told you? And why does LCI thinks that out of all the informations available such a stupidity should be mentioned, especially when Aoun himself claimed on TV he tried calling and even going first to the hospital then to the house but they wouldn’t let him.

Michel el Murr was practically kicked out of the house (not that I like the guy, but there is always some diplomacy to observe I guess), whereas Elias el Murr his son (and one of the living shahid) was granted a seat right next to the family.

The American ambassador Jeffrey Feltman, was in tears talking of his friend Pierre Gemayel on TV. He said that they used to meet often to talk about the Lebanese industry and other economic developments (eurr underdevelopment i guess..)

May Chidiac was screaming and crying all over the place and Samir Geagea prayed for 30 min on the coffin (after crying and sobbing). The rumor that it’s Geagea who killed the guy is already the subject of talks in some of the Beiruti living rooms. I guess Geagea may have been praying for the salvation of his soul.


7 Replies to “Tears and Gossiping from Beirut”

  1. I posted this comment over at Anecdotes from a Banana Republic, but since it was really a primarily a response to your romantic ideas about Levantine revolutions and people power, it really belongs here:

    “Whoever pulled the trigger, Syria’s allies are the losers”.
    This is so unspeakably naive. What unites seeminly everyone blogging and commenting on the Gemayel murder and its implications, pro-March 14 and anti alike, is a belief in people power. The major Lebanese sectarian groupings and their leaders are also, at least rhetorically, about people power. Certainly Aoun and Nasrallah are, and in their case it is more than rhetoric. Now what on earth makes you think that the Iron Fist ruling Syria wants a “regime change” in Lebanon based on people power? That is just about the last thing in the world they want for Lebanon, or any other part of Greater Syria. What they do want is an informal deal that restores/perpetuates their hegemony.
    They want a deal based on Syrian power, Lebanese division and Lebanese fear (plus whatever window-dressing is required). Do you really believe Bashar and his entourage want Aoun as president of Lebanon without a gun next to his head, that they want the CPL and Hezbollah to dominate Lebanese politics on their own terms? You must be kidding me. Think, children, think. I know it hurts in the heart but it does help with the IQ.

  2. AM no verdict is out, i’m just telling you the gossip. I have no idea who killed him. I don’t think anyone has. But if anyone knows please tell me…

  3. Guthman bey, You start off very well. good, good. Although I don’t think your analysis of Syrian politic is very good. You eventually fall into the culturally essentialist trap that the Syrian regime is “inherently” so and so. mmm bad thinking. Nevermind you’re just like all of us, all too human. But then you go to something really illogical saying that they want to create “division” just to make people fear. mmm. Well, actually it’s logical that you think this way, because it follows directly from your first premise that syria is “inherently” so and so.

    You’re locked guthman. I’m sorry to say. and then your conclusion is just absurd. You still can’t answer why would they alienate an ally? I never remember that i talk of the power of the people. I don’t think i have ever mentioned “the people” (not that i don’t like the people mind you).

    The elite guthman. Hizbullah’s elite, and Tayyar. Why would the Syrian’s alienate them? Oh yes, just because they want to spread “fear”. So these people are allied with the Syrians, but because the Syrians are “inherently” so and so, they want to do away with the alliance and just make them “fear”, because hell, that’s how the Syrians are.

    Good Guthman. All you need now is get one (or recover the lost) additional option that comes with any human being. Reason.

    In the meantime, go teach somewhere else. But I understand that you tried hard.

  4. Tonight, on the evening news of France 2, they also basically reported an opposition between anti-syrians and pro-syrians, among them Michel Aoun: “l’homme fort des chrétiens”, ally to the Hezbollah.
    So, Aoun is portraited as a christian leader (they first show him with biblic icons and then with the effigy of virgin Mary), pro-syrian, allied to Hezbollah, that he firmly considers as resistants and no terrorists.
    Then he answers some questions, reminding that he never was and still is no ally to Syria, that he faught them and will fight them if it was necessary.
    Aoun says we must seek stability and avoid any internal “bombs”. And certainly having good relations with our neighbours (must understand inside neighbours) is a part of the process. We briefly get a view of the document he signed with the Hezbollah, an “agreement” and not an “alliance”. Which is good because no one has never heard of it here in France, people just know, or think they know, that this guy is an “ally” to the Hezbollah, and i am talking about Lebanese people too. This precision with words is an issue that was discussed on arab televisions with Aoun himself during the july-august war on Lebanon. Insisting on the fact they are not “allies” as a war-utterance would be (sorry if my english is not very understandable).
    Then they explained that Aoun, the christian guy, was not present at the funerals of Pierre Gemayel because he didn’t appreciate what he calls the political “récupération” (how would you say that in english?) of that assassination (Aoun doesn’t say that on tv, it’s their statement). According to him, Syria was pointed out too hastly.
    And finally they talk about his reaching towards presidency in order to lead Lebanon towards sovereignty and a secular or civil state (what is the word for “laïque” ?), where religions wouldn’t be at the heart of the institutions any more.
    I am telling all that because i have an important feel of rage, as many of you i suppose, each time i force myself to check what’s being said on the tv news.
    So this time, i don’t really know what i feel… i see too much insistance on the christian symbols (icons, bible…) but i accept the importance of showing that he is representative of the christian community… Just at the end, in the final sentence, we get the word “laïque” (that i can’t even translate into english), or civil. They should do an important program on that subject and the possibility, the existence of a agreement for rebuilding our society on that non-religious basis. How surprising and unexpected would that be for the tv audience to see it’s the Hezbollah that was actually working on that. But i know how difficult it is to discuss about Hezbollah, even the word Resistance becomes blasphemy nowadays…
    And will the media ever start saying that the anti-syrians can also be named as pro-u.s or pro-neocons perhaps ? As for me i can only think of them as protecting their own interest in power in any possible way. The people are just being ideologically fooled with hopes and illusions. And some really think they will be protected from the bad Hezbollah… And at that point i loose my mind.
    My words are no analysis you can see that…

  5. Well, I agree with you on one part of the article whcih is the bias internationla media proves everytime they report something on Lebanon! As for Geagea, this is not the first time I hear it, I read in the New York Sun that both Geagea and Aoun are suspects!!!
    It is on my blog: http://biasedworldmedia.blogspot.com

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