History, the only lesson man has

By the way, did you know that Ghassan Tueni called the Shia the “proletarians of the earth”? Yes, these were the good old days: On the 18 of March of the year 1974, Ghassan Tueni’s Annahar column was titled: “The Shi’a are the proletarians of the earth, apparently the most submissive class, but the most revolutionary at the bottom”.

Hello? Ghassan? Can you hear me? I came across this article you wrote on the 18 of March in 1974, and I was wondering.. Oh you don’t remember? Well, it was this really insightful even prophetic article you… It really doesn’t ring a bell?… Oh well.. nevermind.

But I still would be amazed by this insight. Here you have it, in 1974, the Shi’a weren’t still that politically organized (of course Musa el Sadr has already worked hard in mobilizing them for the specific voicing of certain grievances but still), and the revolution is “at the bottom”. After 1982, the bottom surfaces. And even today, the revolution is just starting, as unpredictable and mysterious as it can be.


7 Replies to “History, the only lesson man has”

  1. rouh dawé cham3a bechir, maybe you’ll discover the mistery…
    Now I have a question for you: is it still too hard for you to take criticism (in that case, I’ll take that candy and get the hell out of this place- I’m not Imbch but I liked the idea) or are you able to get back in the box with real people for 2 sec?

  2. Bech??? 2adeh 3amrak haboub???
    and for our English and German blond readers…(bech??? how old are you sweetie,honey,muffin,cocoa puff???however you wanna translate it)….
    you know, it is quite easy to distinguish between a follower(sheep), a person that formes his own opinion(sheep with a bell) and a person that formes his own opinion wisely(you guessed it).
    you do not seam to be doing bad at all…u fall under the (thinks for themselves) category, which means that you have lots of potential,just not enough life experiace under your belt…..as my dad always says with his African accent: stay on the right tr(U)k son!!!!

    Ps: my dad can kick your dads ass!

  3. Shafik, the way you try to market your cheap propaganda on our blog is very disgusting.

    But I will net erase your post so that people see how cheap some people are. You can always save yourself by erasing your comment on your own.

  4. bech it’s very noble to romanticise (“submissive class”??) those on the lowest rungs of society when they’re least threatening, & as a diversion from, or a mirror to, the hobgoblins of the day (& we know on whom that role was lavished in 1974). it’s too easy. this from the Angry Arab:
    “Tuesday, March 15, 2005
    Anti-Shi`ite Prejudice of the Lebanese Opposition: “The Shias look at the state as something they have to grab. They’re so voracious,” said Ghassan Tueni, a former Christian minister who runs the publishing house of Lebanon’s leading liberal newspaper, Al-Anhar.” Tell the reporter that An-Nahar was a “liberal” newspaper before 1975, and it has become a fanatical right-wing sectarian Christian newspaper.”
    Submissive to voracious…how generous of Mr Tueni.

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