As The World Turns …

The rise of a powerful and wealthy resources-based corporate state in Russia (“sovereign democracy”), its rapidly expanding control over global strategic resources, and the resultant loss of leadership and control of the global oil market by the West’s oil majors are developments that move directly against the very foundations of the US-led oil-market order and the wider US-centric global economic order. This is because Russia is quite literally fueling the rise of the powerhouse economies of the East and helping to achieve a new global center of economic power in the East.

This piece is a bit much for my tastes (too given to exaggeration), but it is interesting and provides, perhaps, a geopolitical prism for understanding some of the current battles over the Middle East …


4 Replies to “As The World Turns …”

  1. hey, i’m all for sharing the love with the reinvented villains – a little respite for the mid east would be nice. besides, the russians still have some way to go to rival your mob in the scary stakes! 🙂

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