Care for a beach towel?

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8 Responses to Care for a beach towel?

  1. dadavidovich says:

    Hilariously perfect and perfectly, hilarious.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Which party does the tall bearded one on the right represent?

  3. dadavidovich says:

    I do believe he is card-carrying member of the Employees’ Union of Flutists and Fabulists, or EUFF, as it is known in Lebanon and other imaginary places.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ok then, I’ll take one of those. Aesthetically pleasing if nothing else🙂 Tut tut tut…

  5. Marcy Newman says:

    actually, yes! can you get me the hezbollah towel and give it to razan and i’ll pay you back in december??? i’ll bring you something from nablus in exchange…

  6. Marcy Newman says:

    Awesome! I’ll totally use that hezbollah towel as my prayer rug!!

  7. The tan I’ll get lying on that beach towel will totally help liberate Palestine!

  8. Bech says:

    Hey Marcy,
    this was taken in Jbeil and I’m in Beirut for the time being. But when I’ll be around there or some place that sells this towel, will get it for you.

    and DAda, EUFF? I totally am up for it!

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