An Iftar at the presidential palace

I like how Ramadan’s evening breaking-of-fast-dinner become institutionalized and practiced by Lebanese political actors. Here, the Iftar is organized by the president of the Lebanon, customary to be held (and is held by) a non-Muslim.

But the nicest thing about this picture is of course, you guessed it boys and girls, the actual participants on the table whose appetite may well have been cut. Look at them, they seriously seem to curse the hour that made them be born on a territory that has been defined under the same ‘nation’. Basically, all of them know today that they have to live side by side…

Now, a ‘civil society’ question: who’s paying for these orgiastic feasts? Is it the so-called ‘Lebanese’ taxpayer? “Lebanese” are all ‘one people’ when the time comes to pay.

Try not to think too much about these questions…


One Reply to “An Iftar at the presidential palace”

  1. Ha, we were mainly wondering what the starting time of the iftar was – sunni time or shi’a time? Or did each adhere to his own, with the Christians somewhat lost in between (like the country, really)?

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