News from upper class colonial remnants a.k.a. L’Orient-le-Jour

Ok so whereas most of the newspapers (of course not Al Mustaqbal) were reporting about Chirac having asked Israel to attack Syria in the midst of the July war (as leaked in Israeli newspaper Maariv, english link), l’Orient le Jour was busy living its ideological fantasy world, of a French president decorating a wealthy successful Lebanese (mini-Hariri). Its front page titled: Chirac à Hariri : Le Liban ne peut exister que libre, uni et souverain. The subtitle was much more outrageous: Demain, place de l’Étoile, les députés de la majorité rappelleront Berry à ses devoirs. Doesn’t it show L’OJ blind trust that ‘the majority’ is legitimate and is going to ‘teach a lesson to ‘Berri’ the evil guy close to the ‘other side’?

See, this is blunt ideological practice. What I like in L’Orient le Jour is that you don’t need to scratch your head too much, it’s so blatantly there in front you. It is the easiest target of criticism. And one of the reason is language: the discursive differentiation operated by language (it is a French newspaper). More on that one day.

Everything is symptomatic of the upper class French network. Check this for example also on its front page:

Nouveau président de l’Institut du monde arabe (IMA) à Paris, Dominique Baudis, qui connaît parfaitement le Liban, prépare une méga-exposition sur le thème « Les Phéniciens et la Méditerranée » qui se déroulera dans les locaux de cette maison prestigieuse. Baudis viendra à Beyrouth très prochainement dans le cadre de la préparation de cet événement.

I have a special message to Baudis (although he may not understand): Come Baudis and show us true civilization. We need people like you from France, just like Chirac who gives medals to his private cash disburser. Come and make us continue living in our fantasy world populated by the ideas of Michel Chiha and other early ideologues of the Christian-elitist Lebanon.

Assad Finds a Friend …

Despite everything, it is preferable to have Bashar Assad sitting in Damascus – rather than the Muslim Brotherhood.

Apples from Golan to Syria

Below is a Druze Arab spiritual leader (in the wording of AP) who works at an apple warehouse in the village of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights

Here the info:

Trucks carrying apples produced by Arab farmers in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights began arriving in Syria on Tuesday in an effort to help the farmers market their main crop.

And here the ‘refresh your memory’ part:

Israel annexed the Golan plateau in 1981, offering Israeli citizenship to its 25,000 residents, who mostly belong to the Druse sect, an offshoot of Islam. But most Druze did not take the offer.

So many different types of Druzes in the levant eh? It is all about social structures..

The Jackals …

So I had a hard time figuring out what the hell Farid Ghadri was asking Walid Jumblatt the other day, but now I understand. These guys are Beltway scavengers of the worst sort and one can only hope they tire themselves fighting over the same rancid meat.

Game Over …?

American officials said Tuesday that they had agreed to hold the highest-level contact with the Iranian authorities in more than two years as part of an international meeting on Iraq. The discussions, scheduled for the next two months, are expected to include Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her Iranian and Syrian counterparts.

Actually, I doubt Eliot Abrams et al. will give up so easily, so let the shrieking begin, but let’s see if Ambassador Feltman starts paying fewer and fewer visits to you know who …

Me, Too …

An Israeli soldier missing since August 1997 is being held by the Resistance Committees for the Liberation of the Golan Heights, the group claimed Tuesday. The Syrian guerilla organization was apparently referring to Guy Hever, who has been missing since August 17, 1997. The authenticity of the statement was still unclear.

On the near side of ridiculous? You bet … What did Heidegger say about the essence of fax machines in his “Question Concerning Technology”? I always forget …