7 Replies to ““Doctor” Geagea in the good old days…”

  1. LOL, I guess this was before he interrupted his studies to “accomplish his national duty” by butchering 3 year old babies in Ehden.

    By the way, did you see today’s ridiculous article by Geagea’s fan, Michel Hajji Georgiou in L’Orient Le Jour ?

    This guy is always trying to show how civilized and cultured he is, as opposed to us riffraff who are nor civilized enough to appreciate Grossman’s condescension and to roll the red carpet to uberzionist El Maleh.

    Whenever I read idiocies in olj, i think about your misere francophone. These guys at olj have no dignity.

    Keep up the good job and don’t stop bashing these snobbish jerks. You’re touching a nerve, they keep attacking you and they don’t even have the guts to name your blog.

  2. Dearest QN,

    Why don’t you post it on your blog, sans commentary ? The proprietors of Remarkz, good Catholics that they are, will consider it a penance for some of your sins. And recall here that the penitent man laughs before he kneels … 🙂

  3. Thanks for your commentary Wissam, i am actually collecting the articles of that furious dishonest, disrespectful and pompous journalist (including the one you mentioned) and will soon have something written on him.

    Qifa I’ve been scratching my head for a nice caption for this picture, but i don’t have your wit nor the literary eloquence of Dada (better known as the apokraphyte). But there is something about the quantity of hair on the living human and the absence of it on the skeleton that I find being a good lead…

    Louya this is Samir Geagea, and nice to see you here. How are you?

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