Nasrallah’s press conference

While the world analyzes the meanings, validity, and consequences of yesterday’s Secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s press conference one should, I think, focus on one major important point made by this event as a whole:

Regardless of who killed Lebanese former prime minister Rafic Hariri, this press conference showed that just like other tracks of investigations, there is another one that could be taken and that amazingly enough has not been taken: the one of Israel. What Nasrallah proposed was a “change of perspective” so to speak. In this sense and on logical grounds, he is deligitimizing the consistency of an international tribunal that never took care of pursuing the Israeli track seriously, when the mere fact that Israel watches over every corner of Lebanese territory (and it does way more than that as shown in the conference) is sufficient enough to consider it as a “usual suspect”.

Probably the most important purpose of this conference is to say: Why wasn’t Israel considered as a suspect, and its officials, intelligence services and what have you, interrogated or asked to deliver that type of material, while you’ve been inventing all these phony suspects then due to lack of evidence forced to release them and building accusations here and there successively indicting the Lebanese security system, Syria, and now Hizbullah?

In this sense, Hizbullah does succeed in showing to what extent international organizations and missions are devoid of any ‘neutrality’ through Nasrallah’s use of what could be called an implacable methodology. The problem is does it succeed in shaking certain representations of Israel Lebanese have?

Indeed, the other revealing aspect of this event is the apathy a part of the Lebanese population has with regards to the entity called Israel. Perceptions of Israel among that part is quite revealing and runs as follows:

Israel is a criminal state in Palestine. This permits the person to empathize with Palestinians “over there”, and deplore the state of affairs in that remote place called Israel or Palestine. With regards to Lebanon, Israel is at best the bullied one. Because it is criminal and “radical”, it should not be messed with because one would suffer the consequences. That is why Hizbullah is most of the time guilty of any actions taken against Israel whatever the logics of these actions. That type of narrative considers that Israel has no business in killing anyone in Lebanon except Hizbullah-related actors, or basically people living “down there”.

It would be something if Nasrallah can shake this overall representation of Israel. The problem is that it will take more than a methodology driven by ‘logics’ to shake the anxieties of those people. Behind reason stands the passions that dictates the directions taken by the thoughts, and the particular ‘logics’ they wish to endorse.

4 Replies to “Nasrallah’s press conference”

  1. This has nothing to do with the above post per se.

    I’m always weary of foreign students without funding, makes me wonder if they are from the corrupt ‘elite’ class that are implicit in the huge poverty gap between rich and poor that exists in their countries , whilst talking about imperialism to deflect attention from their own role.

    Either that, or bc those with money monopolize the education system – the fact people like you are where u are is not based on merit, but rather the ratio is more focused towards money and less about merit – so u have the wrong people in positions of relative power and influence – basically pseudo intellectuals, no? But i guess that’s not exclusive to foreign students like you, its the way all oppressive systems reproduce themselves. I don’t get why people act oblivious to it though, can u explain to me why u do/are apparently oblivious?

    Maybe its not concious, in fact i don’t think it is, there may even be some genuine part of you/such people that thinks they are being helpful. It’s just simply that they aren’t intelligent enough to do the job, but think that they are bc the pool of people to choose from / compete with is small initially. So really, the status quo benefits you and that’s why you’re stuck wasting your time on spewing out one dimensional analysis in blog writing etc, offering nothing practical or inventive that tangible moves things forward. Even if your not purposefully being a useless person, you are useless by default bc you accept and use nepotism and participate to benefit yourself rather than allowing merit-based appointments to flourish in which the individuals with enough intelligence to move things forward are in the positions to do so. So in light of this, how do you remain unaware of your flaws when clearly you and individuals like yourself are a significant part of the problem?

    Again, i hope you don’t take this as a confrontational message or an insult, it’s not . I would genuinly like to understand how individuals like yourself justify their existence to themselves. You probabaly won’t respond to this, but if you do, please resist the urge to post a defensive answer that is dishonest. Overall, to be clear – that you are useless is not the question here as it is clear that you are, but i would like to know what is the mindset behind the cycle of individuals such as yourself feeling that they should be in the position to distribute knowledge in official capacities such as academia in systems which have favoured due to your ability to essentially ‘buy’ qualifications with maybe a mediocre amount of intelligence alongside it?

    Basically, rather than being run by actually intelligent and capable human beings, it’s just people who are less stupid than other people who have large amounts of money at their disposal – which overall is a small pool of people. This is a hindrance to development, so why not be less selfish and just kill yourself ? or be honest about your capabilities at the very least and stick to something you’re genuinly good at or at least doesn’t retard the development of knowledge?

    Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to answer with anything satisfactory, if you do even answer. Usually arrogance tricks people like you into saying or even convincing themselves “but i am intelligent!” and then they continue along there merry little useless way.

  2. The problem is that I have no strength to answer given the amount I could answer the stupidities you wrote and given the availability of time I have right now. If your questions can wait another month, I would gladly help you not just understand the extent of your frustration, but maybe also help you deal with it and show you how being a parasite of the system you live in gives you this ill-founded eloquence. But one thing at a time.

  3. As you wish. Based on your first reaction, I would advise you not to, it is clear you’re not developed enough to move beyond the constraints of your own arrogance / perception of yourself and I don’t care for pointless back and forths. However, if you feel at some point you can genuinly and thoughtfully provide me an answer, based on honesty and not points scoring etc, I will take note and respond.

    In case you do respond, remember, the question is twofold: Why are you useless ? And why do you perceive yourself not to be?

  4. And remember, ask yourself “am i answering her honestly, or am I saying whatever it takes just to be ‘right’ “…if it’s the latter, then most certainly, don’t.

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