Woman win case to pass on citizenship

A woman, Samira Sowaidan has won a case, with her lawyer Souha Ismail, to be able to pass on her Lebanese citizenship to her four kids. Samira got married to an Egyptian man working at the Beirut port in 1985, and currently lives in Borj Hammoud. Her husband died in 1994, and this automatically meant that her kids were born in a country and lived all their life in it while paying annual charges for living visas or ‘iqamat’. At some point she could not pay this amount anymore while piling up the number of jobs she had to do to get enough money, now that her husband was not here to support.
It took an energetic and determined lawyer, and a judge famous for his ‘humanistic’ approach to ruling, John Qazi, to create a new status-quo when available texts clearly did not give the possibility for a woman to pass on her Lebanese nationality.
So now the decision is in the matters of the State, i.e. the prime minister in this case. Will they accept the judge’s ruling?

3 Replies to “Woman win case to pass on citizenship”

  1. Remember Tom Hornig, the sax teacher ? His daughter is in the same situation, he wanted her to get the lebanese passport, but they couldn’t do anything.
    I haven’t heard from him since 2006, I think he had decided to leave for the US when the war broke down.
    Do you have any news ?

  2. Why he’s still in Leb ? His wife is lebanese wou mou’awamé wou ossass 😛
    That was in 2002-2003 anyways 🙂 khatiarnaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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