Christians back at it

Muslims had the upper hand in this, but I guess this Polish priest understood how it works in the age of modernity-print-capitalism-economy.

4 Replies to “Christians back at it”

  1. always felt embarrassing the fact imams – or priests – were trying to creep into the sheets… at the same time, I truly and sincerely sympathize with the people who need to buy those “instructions for use” kind of books. wonder if the authors provide a guarantee as well : /

    it sounds a bit like all this crap literature about ‘how to make friends, be rich and successful in 5 days’. All built on our fears and so-called weaknesses, but they basically just tend to prevent people from living a life of their own.
    I mean, honestly, religions should not play these vulgar games. And I’m not saying that sex (or writing about sex) is vulgar, I’m saying those “instructions for use” as if human bodies were some kind of Ikea furniture are just really really vulgar.

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