Electoral fever

To follow on Qifa Nabki’s views from a ’72 Benz C250′, I have to share my own experience that happened today on my way to Hamra. At some point, I decided to ask the driver what he thought of the elections coming up. He said: “I am going to be frank with you, I am with Sleiman beik, all the way”. He added: “if someone wants to pay me money to vote for him, I’ll gladly take it, and buy myself a bottle of whiskey that I particularly am fond of, and I would still vote for Sleiman beik”. He told me the brand name of this whisky, but I just can’t recall.

I then asked him if he was approached to get money to vote for specific parties, to which he answered in the affirmative, adding that it is really the norm in the north, offices are wide open and invite people to ask for anything they want lest they would vote for the Mustaqbal list.

Morality of the story: there is something like a free lunch.

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