‘Informed’ information

People deplore the fact there is no “neutral” press in Lebanon, or for that matter in other parts of the world. People don’t realize that press ‘neutrality’ does not exist indeed cannot exist, because of the very structure of a press outlet. Newspapers, TV or whatever are bound by the territory or the history in which they inscribe the information they publish. The first and foremost ideology a newspaper projects is a national one. Lebanon has several versions of that. Every newspaper project several construction of what “the Lebanese” is, as opposed to others.

The real question to ask is why the hell people think that press neutrality could exist? What are the various factors, powers, etc. that contributed to convince people of such an absurd thing? It is a bit like the fact people are convinced that they are ‘free’ that something called ‘freedom’ exist, that the concept we have of it has a direct link to something being played out in reality.

Extraits du livre des questions

“Je ne t’ai pas cherchée Sarah. Je te cherchais. Par toi, je remonte à l’origine du signe, à l’écriture non formulée qu’esquisse le vent sur le sable et sur la mer, à l’écriture sauvage de l’oiseau et du poisson espiègle. Dieu, Maître du vent, Maître du sable, Maître des oiseaux et des poissons, attendait de l’homme le livre que l’homme attendait de l’homme; l’un pour être enfin Dieu, l’autre pour être enfin l’homme…”

“Toutes les lettres forment l’absence. Ainsi Dieu est l’enfant de son nom.”

Edmond Jabès, Le livre des questions, Gallimard, 1963