The paradoxes of ‘globalization’

This morning, I could overhear from the window of my room a Philipino woman (who works in one of the flats of the building) teaching the young son of the Indian watchman of the building – who lives from where he watches – the Lebanese national anthem.

– Repeat after me: qulunaaaa lil watan lil 3ola lil 3alam!


3 Replies to “The paradoxes of ‘globalization’”

  1. that’s a nice bittersweet story. They know words to the anthem of a country that barely acknowledges their existence as subjects. I know, not all Lebanese are racists, but I long for the day where people won’t expect accolades for the mere fact of treating everyone with equality and humanity.

  2. Truth Escapes Satans Grip

    I had a dream.
    I saw satan swimming slowly, languorously, smiling,
    wafting down a river of blood.
    More and more as he spread his blood drenched arms
    across each bank, people murdered themselves
    and murdered their neighbors.
    Their blood poured out filling the river deeper and deeper,
    and satan patiently, willfully, joyfully
    screeched a hideous cry of encouragement.
    The unwitting souls on the riverbank, stood
    with their eyes firmly fixed on the heavens
    spoke the name of God,
    then committed self-murder,
    and satans fingers, dripping blood, dragged their souls
    into his hell bound torrent.
    Occasionally a bright beam of truth
    would shine upon one of the souls on the riverbank
    and they would simply walk away.
    And satan thrashed and screamed each time
    as another soul escaped his grip.

    Through Grace Peace

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