A note to the reader

It is important to understand that I am not defending Hizbullah’s viewpoint in the previous posts. I am just trying to describe certain social realities I observe. I am not saying that Hizbullah did good or bad. I am not really judging Hizbullah’s actions.

But probably I should in a certain way say a line or two about this because people are mostly searching for pinpointing culprits. I do think Hizbullah made a mistake, but I also think it was a trap, and that, judging from the political evolution of the party, it was going to eventually fall in it.

Were there alternative policies at hand? I don’t know, I’m not sure we have all the information we need to judge what was possible (what was available to Hizbullah decision-makers). But one thing is sure, Hizbullah is not the only one in this. I am ready to bet that other opposition parties, actors, etc did not just participate in what happened the past few days but also may have advised, pushed, encouraged, etc Hizbullah to move in this direction. Hizbullah doing this, say, a couple of years ago pre-hariri assassination, is almost unthinkable.

8 Replies to “A note to the reader”

  1. it takes two to tango. Or four million. In any event, I decided not to blame and chose, instead, not to trust. Anyonee or anything that pertains to Lebanese internal or external politics. I guess that makes me hopeless. My fortune cookie said: ‘don’t give up, the best is yet to come’, but I don’t know if I can trust China either.

  2. i should also add, as a note to the writer, that I enjoy reading this blog because it exposes me to ideas that are different and foreign. It makes me angry sometimes, makes me giggle other times and makes me think many times. I come here for the stimulation.

  3. The challenge in raising any of these issues is that most of us process these ideas exclusively using the emotional brain we share in common with other mammals (reacting to fear, danger until paralysis or stagnation set in – on a national scale sometimes) rather than the uniquely human part of our brain that produces reason. Ironic that we have terms like ‘it’s only human’ etc to dismiss what is in actual fact anti-human behavior. Using reason to move through fear sets us apart from common mammals and makes us more human.

  4. Bech,

    Probably you did not defend Hezbollah’s actions by word, but you clearly underestimated their mistake, which is just as similar as defending them. You spent a great deal of your words on blaming pro-government and undermining the fear of innocent people. And here I quote; ” Stop thinking that you’ve lived near death experiences when other parts of the country have been living similar states”

    No, I will NOT stop thinking that I lived a near death experience. Because I LIVED it. And not you nor the “experiences in other parts of the country” can prove my feeling untrue. This is a clear sarcasm of the feelings of fear which thousands of innocents felt across Beirut and is therefore worse than defending Hezbollah.

    “Stop being shocked at SSNP’s signature around Hamra, it is simply pay back”

    Pay back huh? And the only pay back is a violent, deadly payback? No other means of “paying back” ? Besides having the SSNP’s first and last loyality to Syria’s Bashar regime, they also should be given the right to “pay back” by terrorism in Hamra street! And we should not fear or feel insecure with their actions because “there were other experiences before” and it is payback time! Amazing.

    At least if you outlined and highlighted the people’s fear and the misery they lived in during the past few days, perhaps if you elaborated more on the MISTAKE (Hezbollah isn’t perfect you know!) which Hezbollah did and its SEVERE consequences on the national, social and confessional level, your words would’ve been more balanced and worth to read.

  5. bech my friend..you are just another discredited useless leftist. there are hundreds of you in lebanon and have exactly the same expired mentality that leads exactly to nowherre.

  6. Bech has the gift of reason, which obviously ^ does not bode well for one surrounded by cattle with zero perspective.

  7. Bech,
    The sad thing is that you seem to wax philosophical about the situation without actually addressing the events in reality.
    You say that hizballah made a mistake, as if it is a political mistake, rather than a criminal action. I see nowhere in your writings an acutal condemnation of the attacks on civilians , the mourning of those who died or a sympathy for their families.
    What is it about these people that engenders such non-chalance by you to their deaths?

  8. well nona its because those people are not with his political aspirations and directions…thats why he puts them in the ‘evil’ corner…and stepping on them, killing them and throwing blames of treason on them becomes all legitimate and necessary even lol

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