Hegemony: an illustration

This just in:

CBNNews.com – JERUSALEM, Israel – Iranian missiles are making their way to Lebanese-based Hezbollah terrorists via Turkey, according to intelligence reports.

Ok, let’s try something:

XXXNews.com – BEIRUT, Lebanon – USA missiles, cluster bombs, and uranium-rich weapons, are making their way to the Palestine-based Zionist terrorist army, via USA, according to intelligence reports.

Does it work? Does it make sense? If it does, it means you could escape dominant hegemonic discourse. If not, then you’re still unconsciously subjected to it. And don’t be too quick to say that it does, because you don’t know to what extent is the hegemonic insidiously ingrained in the very way you think. You’re never fully above it.

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8 Responses to Hegemony: an illustration

  1. naila says:

    excellent, bech !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. M Bashir says:


  3. ali c says:

    yes, very good observation. reminds me of a small satirical piece I came across the other day (maybe of the arabist?) where the author substitutes the word ‘jew’ for ‘muslim’ in every statement Barack Obama and his campaign has made. You can’t imagine yourself uttering these words with ‘jew’ replacing muslim.

  4. ali c says:

    btw, those remarks are obama’s ‘defense’ agianst accusations that he is a mooooslem

  5. alhaqid says:

    Here’s another example
    Angryarab posting one most racist and macho articles, with a lousy comment from him on its “tone” (thus, approval of its lousy analysis). Double standards pour simplifier:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Tu viens d’inventer la poudre, it seems, bichboch. You’ve been congratulated by all your buddies, good for you ! But how about, calling either side with such passionate words as “terrorrist” is just the result of stupid empty discourses from Bush, Sharon, Arafat and all the other bullshiters who use Z all mighty creator and “terrorism” just to fuck up my mind ?
    Kess ekhta, enta terrrorist, la’ enta terrorist, la’ bayyak terrorist, la’ emmak terrorist.. teb ento kelkoune terrorist à l’infini wou kel chi byerja3lak…


  7. Anonymous says:

    yih, bechir, check the link al haqid posted. It talks about you, the maronites ! (…)


  8. Anonymous says:

    Ok, blagues à part maintenant : check ce lien, interview très intéressant d’Aharon Shabtaï sur voltairenet sur Israel et le salon du livre à Paris : http://www.voltairenet.org/article155481.html


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