Yes why out of all instruments the Scottish bagpipe? This is at a Palestinian camp during demonstrations against the murderous encircling of Gaza. But there is a Hizbullah song that has it too, and in its video clip, there is a guy filmed dressed like a soldier, playing bagpipe on the top of a hill or something. Anyone who has an answer to this question will be more than welcome to comment.

Update: the comment section has mo explaining clarifying things..

7 Replies to “Why?”

  1. the myth that the bagpipes are of Scottish origin is as old as it is wrong. The Scots were introduced to the bagpipe by the Romans, who in turn were introduced to it in the Middle East. In fact, the bagpipe, whose origins can probably never be accurately placed, is believed to have been first used (invented?) in either Iraq or Syria.

    Therefore the Arab claim to the bagpipes is far older and more apt than the clansman of the highlands and not so wrong for a Palestinian demonstration or Hizballah video. 🙂

  2. wow.. we learn everyday… But still there is a Scottish cloth “tartan” around the body of the instrument. Plus, are these players conscious of this historical fact you are talking about?

  3. Ok, another myth of the highlanders is that of the “clan tartan”. the tartan only became “Scottish” in the 19th century when sold as a marketing opportunity by a Lancashire businessman. The Arab use of the tartan is widespread in the Gulf but no one really knows if that came as a result of the British occupation or was already there. Of course we in the Levant also had the “keffiyeh” style.

    Then again , the woman in the picture may just have been playing a bagpipe imported from Scotland..:)

    P.s. For further useless knowledge on Scottish inventions, the kilt, porridge, Whiskey and the Haggis are all also not Scottish inventions.

  4. marketing thing ? Braveheart ? common passion that common people have for freedom after watching braveheart or something?
    I seriously wouldn’t be surprised, because that’s exactly what the pipe inspires me : space, nature and freedom. C’est très réussi.

  5. The bagpipes have clearly been popular among Palestinians for a while. Kids in Shatila play them in Mai Masri’s film “Frontiers of Dreams and Fears.”

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