I love it… Al Manar TV station that is close to Hizbullah has a very recurrent ad about the celebration of the birth of the prophet Jesus (Yasu3), son of Mariam, inviting viewers to pray and ponder on the event over the same type of fairy music they air for Eid el Adha, Eid Moubarak, and other related events.

Somebody should tell them that he is the son of God for crying out loud…

6 Replies to “Caring”

  1. son/daughter of god, embodiment of the holy ghost, god incarnate, holy trinity, yes, three in one, god him/herself, the alpha and the omega, omgosh
    🙂 happy holidays mate

  2. Just can’t read whether you are being ironic, sarcastic or otherwise. Is it praise or false praise?

    Persoanlly I love it when they do this if only to make those right-whinge geageaites look foolish when they talk of Hizballahs “plans” for the Christians in Lebanon

  3. you guys sure miss the distinction between montheism and trinitarians. there was plenty of Arab, Syrian and Punic descended Roman Emperors. Phillip the Arab, Septimus Severus, Alexander Severus (born in Lebanon), ElGabalus. But no Jewish Emperors.

    Ever wonder why? Because the Jews were monotheistic and didn’t go for the children of the Gods stuff.

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