Back to Beirut, the true extent of divisions

If I could write everything or even a selection of the things that went through my mind since I arrived here a couple of days ago, it would really be a disaster and luckily enough I am too lazy to do that. But there is probably one thing I can mention that has profoundly shocked me among the myriad of things that were disturbing and that I think should be said out loud: Falafel Sahyoun has split in two…

There are now two Falafel Sahyoun on the road that leads to downtown where the opposition tents are slowly rotting. They are stuck to each other, and the first time I saw the new shop, I passed by and said mabrouk thinking that they enlarged the restaurant (or snack as we call this type of eat-standing-in place). But today when I went again to eat in the new place, there wasn’t enough falafel to make a sandwich so the guy had to fry some more. When I said that I was in a hurry and that I will just pop into the other branch, he answered “but it is not the same place”. At this point the woman sitting at the cashiers desk started talking fast explaining that this is the real falafel Sahyoun the one and only Mustafa Sahyoun whereas the other is held by his brother.

I am still trying to get over this tragedy.


5 Replies to “Back to Beirut, the true extent of divisions”

  1. hmmm… bich boch, is it uncommon to wonder about sahyoun’s name ?
    As you know, interested in the jews of lebanon thing, so I pay more attention to that stuff now.
    Sahyoun means Zionist, no ? Does it mean anything else ? Are they originally jewish or still or what ?


    1. With all do respect, “you ignorant”, read history and definitely you will find answer to your silly question… There’s Sahyouni’s castle (location: Syrian/Lebanese coast) where the legend leader Salahou lDin has fought against the crusades (Salibiyin and their dogs Alawiyin) and successfully won over (thanks to God) and there where we come from; Our family has been living in lebanon more than 200 yrs and still (we are genuine byerte). Therefore when ever you will meet someone lebanese has the same family name, muslim dont get shocked and in case he was a Christian he will definitely have Palestinian roots because all the Sahyoun’s family (Christian) living in Lebanon comes from Sahyoun mountain in Palestine

  2. Sorry I’m back to comment. Why would the brother open another snack at the same place when there’s not enough work and all other restaurants are closing ?
    Baadéne, is it allowed that he opens a competitive store so close in the same street ?

    S. (Iam interested for the sake of my future snack lol)

  3. Hey ! Ure too wrong ! The people that have last name are from mountain sahyoun in israel ! Go chek ure dna and u will find where u come from btw ana mn mina2 l 7ossen in beirut but my dna or my origin is from mount sahyoun !

  4. Sahyoun/ Zion/ Sin ( Arabic) comes from the Arabic meaning ” DESERT”

    In Hebrew Zion means Desert, Arid place , a place of drought and nothing to do with a hill or mountain.

    Zion consists of the components “On” (Hebrew for the holy city and the Hebrew word “Zi “(meaning arid place). Literally translated, Zion and appropriately becomes “Holy City of the Desert.” ( Macca)

    . The word Zion that appears in the Bible does not refer to Jerusalem once was recently kidnapped by an Austrain or Australian Jews and applied to Mount Jearusalem !!.

    Zion and Jerusalem are two different places that are of importance to God.

    Torah says :

    Zion Tsion in Hebrew, meaning “desert.”

    Out of the desert comes the One of Promise.

    Out of the desert come the Children of Promise.

    Isaiah 51:3
    3 The LORD will surely comfort Zion and will look with compassion on all her ruins; he will make her deserts like Eden, her wastelands like the garden of the LORD. Joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the sound of singing.

    “We lay in Sion the head corner stone, elect and precious; the Trustworthy are not ashamed”( 1Peter 2:6)

    And the only place in the world that has a CORNER STONE is the Kaaba

    Psalm 132:13 – “The LORD has chosen Zion, He has desired it for HIS dwelling. This is My resting place forever and ever, here will I sit enthroned, for I have desired it”

    Notice at the bottom how Psalms refers to Zion as a Hill and Isiah refers to it as as Desert, and if we were to combine both as one meaning then it would not fit Jerusalem because it is not a desert but a hill. But if we were to apply it to Macca it fits perfect because it is both a desert and hills

    Psalm 2:6 “I have set My King on Zion, My holy hill”

    ( Isaiah 64:10 NASB )
    Your holy cities have become a WILDERNESS, Zion has become a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation.

    (Isiah 64:10 GTW)
    Your holy cities have become a DESERT. Zion has become a desert. Jerusalem is a wasteland.

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