The beautiful things you find in a dictionary

Most of you know that the name Hadi (هادي), is an Arabic adjective that means the guide, counselor, leader, etc, a name popularized after Nasrallah’s (the SG of Hizbullah) martyred eldest son. But I bet that few of you know (I had no clue personally) that the root verb Hâda (هَادَ) means ‘to become a jew’ to ‘judaize’. Of course this is different from the actual root verb Hadâ (هدى) that actually means ‘to guide’. But “il s’en est fallu de peu” as the French would say…


One Reply to “The beautiful things you find in a dictionary”

  1. since we’re speaking of jews, check this out : “Issued yesterday, the investigating magistrate in Beirut, Fadi Anisi issued his request for temporary hard labor and three to fifteen years each for the defendants Charles B, S. Sattar, Kamal S., and Tony B. and referred them to the criminal court in Beirut for trial. The men are being charged for falsifying official documents related to ownership of properties owned by the Jewish community and for fraud. The prosecutors were Shaoul Rabin Darwish, Solly Musa Qatari, Mirai Raymond Salem, Diana Douek, and Semha Cohen, representing Rabin Darwish as his inheritors in Lebanon.” issued in al safir, can be found on….

    Comme quoi (as the french would say…), sometimes some things still work in Lebanon.


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