Iraq’s occupation: the role of the UN

There is a very interesting article in Al Akhbar on the role the UN (along with the US and UK) plays in crystallizing the division between executive and legislative powers in Iraq (empowering the former, and bypassing the constitutional rights of the latter, a constitution they not only imposed on Iraqis but are happy to violate). The examples include the decision to keep international forces (mainly American) in the country, something Parliamentary members whether Kurds, Arabs, Sunnis, Shi’as and what have you have dominantly voted against but was rejected by executive power and sanctified by a UN resolution.

5 Replies to “Iraq’s occupation: the role of the UN”

  1. why am i not surprised… the sad thing is you can’t do with it, but you can’t do without it’

    two questions come to my mind:

    1- as far as the US/UK/UN are concerened, can you hold someone down without going and staying down with them? i am inclined to think this is what has been happening since 9/11…

    2- if the problem is in the UN, should we expect the UN to get it fixed? i’m borrowing from Einstein’s ironic/negative statement: “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” (i don’t completely subscribe to this idea, then again, it seems to be applicable to the situation(s)).

    have a look at this artwork done by Yossi Lemel, back in 1995

  2. excerpt from

    (والتدخّل بالتدخّل يذكّر: هل لاحظ أحد أن «المجتمع الدولي» يحثّ سوريا على التدخّل في لبنان ـــــ لمصلحة المشروع الاميركي، في الوقت الذي عاب فيه هذا المجتمع على سوريا، لسنتين، تدخلها في لبنان؟ أي إن العيب لا يكمن في التدخل بذاته، وإنما في وجهة هذا التدخل. تدخل، يا محسنون ويا محسنات).

    thought there was some ‘parallélisme’ with your post in this sentence…

  3. yes to the famous Machiavellian sentence, “the end justifies the means”, I would add “and actually defines how we perceive the means”!

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