Changes in the Phalangist party

The inevitable has finally happened, Loubnanouna will merge into the Kataeb party. Loubnanouna is a party founded by Sami Gemayel, son of Amin Gemayel, former president and current leader of the Phalange party, that advocates federalism as a the best solution to Lebanon’s confessional divisions. Accordingly, Sami will occupy an important position in the party headed by his father (and with whom he had a previous fall out), while Karim Pakradouni the previous leader of one, say, more moderate branch of the party is resigning. There is a not-that-great-but-better-than-nothing article on the subject in Al-Akhbar. I have come to change my mind a lot about Loubnanouna and its possible rise and institutionalization in Lebanese political life. But the crystallization of ‘federalist’ ideas in more entrenched political parties is worrisome. The Kataeb as a party has come a long way to finally compromise on many issues, starting from being a para-military group wary of the State during the French mandate to reach its apex in the seizure of State’s institutions during the civil war, to finally co-opt with the Syrians (meaning understanding certain political realities). Loubnanouna represent a new breath of energy, of young radicalism that can upset this balance. More on this later.


6 Replies to “Changes in the Phalangist party”

  1. oui je sais mais comme je sais que t’aimes bien les salafistes, je l’ai mise en bonus
    Pour ton dernier post, je suis en train de chercher une ptite video que je n’arrive plus a trouver. Sur les objectifs initiaux d’Israel, en gros attaquer l’Iran avant l’irak… Assez intéressant mais je trouve plus


  2. au fait t’as vu dans la 2eme ?
    “if they were arabs, we would have shot them”… Wou “they’re not jews, they’re goyim”…

    ça m’impressionera toujours ce mode de fonctionnement.
    Laisser crever les gens de faim comme des sales bête, s’ils s’ont d’une autre religion.


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