Do the math

A recent poll was conducted among the Palestinian refugees of the Nahr el Bared camp (two times refugees that is). When asked which political faction in Lebanon represent best their point of view 40 percent answered Hizbullah, and another 40 percent answered none. On the other hand when asked about which Palestinian faction represent them best, 63.3 percent said no one, and only 11.7 percent said Hamas. Even worse than that, 85 percent of Palestinian two-times refugees think the PLO does not work in “the interest of the people”. And there is much more to discover in the article.

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7 Responses to Do the math

  1. Anonymous says:

    bech, si t’as changé la gueule du blog pour que je le retrouve plus et que je me perde ailleurs, c’est raté.


  2. bech says:

    ah merde ca marche pas…

  3. alhaqid says:

    belle mise en page bech.

  4. bech says:

    badna n3ish ya khayeh shu fikrak..

  5. Anonymous says:

    je préférais avant moi … Objectif atteint, je me sens plus chez moi …


  6. bech says:

    Bon les enfants c’est pas fini de jouer?

    J’ai l’impression que ce blog s’est fait ‘détourner’…

  7. Anonymous says:

    oui, mainnant c’est un dating service pour alhaqid et toi


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