"the other" is like me!

Check this Jewish guy discovering that “Hizbullah people” did not feel like barbecuing him when they discovered he’s “a Cohen” (thanks Emily). Notice how simplistic and naive his existential questions are. It is always with great childishness and innocence that we discover that most of what we believe are creations of the authority that ‘raised us’, because the internalization of these views are done in such an infantile way, that their demystification requires a jump in past processes. Freud called this ‘regressive states’.


11 Replies to “"the other" is like me!”

  1. I don’t like your condescendance towards the guy. He’s open enough to be able to see something doesn’t check with what he’s been taught all his life.

    He’s not at all pathetic, the guy is a bit naive actually to either believe this or that, but he’s curious enough to question some stuff.
    I suggest you take a look at all the comments below that post and see who the real pathetic people are. I also suggest you check the site of the jews of lebanon and the comments some make.


  2. u’re so full of shit.
    this guys is telling the “simple minds” in the west that the Hizbullah youth is tolerant.
    He’s telling them that they’re not as bad as what the media is showing.
    And you, what do you do?
    You criticize him.

    One advice, start improving your blogging style, otherwise people will just ignore it

  3. I don’t agree with you guys. Read this guy. Read well what he writes, there is so much inherent prejudice in it. The argument that “they are like us” is in fact saying that “there is something I perceive as different, me the civilized one, but it seems that the savage one is shares a lot of attribute with me, and if he pursues his ascendant march, he may become exactly like me”.

    Bear in mind that I am not saying this guy is conscious of all this but prevailing political and cultural biases permeate his discourse.

    What I criticize really is the actual effort he deploys at ‘explaining’, at ‘showing’ this fact. See you don’t need to show that ‘they are not bad’. They just are not bad, because in the first there is no bad to talk about!

  4. Dollars and cents, or rather dollars and nonsense. The kid seems an idiot, period (don’t apologize for saying so as the author is presumably laughing all the way to the bank).

    That said, the real indictment should be filed against a reading public that would find such drivel noteworthy. Land of the free, home of the myopic …

  5. apokraphyte is right (not the lebanese fascist right though, at least i hope not)

    this story reminds me of another article written by an american, in an obscure outlet, about how he managed to capture one of hezbollah’s flags from dahiyeh, without being caught and scalped by the terrorists. would the readers of this asshole believe that hezbollah flags are sold almost everywhere in lebanon as souvenirs?

    myopia wu’nuss

  6. bech, thanks 🙂
    Did you read the comments below the post ? They’re the most interesting, one for instance : ‘You cannot find a people more double faced than Arabs and Moslems’


  7. jay (jā) Pronunciation Key
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  8. (checked the link with the flag snatching)…

    Chou hal cha3b el ahbal, les américains … 3anjad nie’…

    Actually, Bech you have my blessing whenever you wanna call any american an idiot, I just minded the word pathetic right next to jewish.


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