Another face of Christian culture in modern Lebanon

Loubnanouna has just celebrated its first year anniversary, and al-akhbar had a story summarizing their views on what the political system in Lebanon should be like (federalism, decentralization, etc.). It is interesting to see that Loubnanouna has come a long way in terms of refining their ideas. I don’t want to jump to hasty conclusion and I need to understand better the movement, but now “pluralism” seems to be the golden word taming the less popular term “federalism”. Or let’s say that federalism is called for because of pluralistic principles. So because we respect ‘the other’ we should draw clear boundaries. It is kind of ironic when one knows that it is because one hates the other, looks down upon the other, that the question of separation arises.

But anyway I don’t want to go into that, I just want to say that Loubnanouna whether people like it or not is here to stay. And I’m talking to the new generations that are going to live side by side the people that are slowly going to group around this entity. The only merit Loubnanouna has is at it says loudly and proudly that it wants a federal system. This in itself is a legitimation political mechanism. It makes it acceptable, because arguable out on the open, in the “public sphere”. And so the more time passes, the more the party is going to refine his ideas, and these ideas (like any ideas you refine) will just make perfect sense. Of course, on a practical level, federalism under the present political and social local and regional circumstances, and given the state institutions and economic structures we have is totally nonviable (this can be discussed separately) and probably destructive. It is suicide. But this will not stop people from wanting it.

So all I can say for those who don’t want to see this reality happening, is pray. Pray the hell out of your gods and icons. Pray that those currently in charge in Lebanon fix things durably. Pray that the political system will be made in a way that the desire to have a federal system will be cut at its root. Pray desperately.

N.B.: A question to those who pick the news on the website of Loubnanouna. Why out of all news did you select the moving of the tomb of Toutankhamoun as worthy of appearing between Lebanese related news? I mean I understand the flurry of articles on “Islamism” and other terrorist related affairs, but why this archaeological story? Very weird.


11 Replies to “Another face of Christian culture in modern Lebanon”

  1. I think that we should pray that narrow minded people like you get healed soon.
    You have an inferiority complexe vis-a-vis the Lebanese Christians. Get over it. It’s because people like you and reactions like yours that Christians in Lebanon feel estranged. This is precisely what fuels the desire to have guaranteed freedom and representation for the Christian community.
    Know thyself my dear friend..

  2. “So all I can say for those who don’t want to see this reality happening, is pray. Pray the hell out of your gods and icons. Pray that those […]Pray desperately.”…
    Chou bena ? Sainte Rita or what ?
    I’m wondering : is your biggest problem with federalism, the fact that you’re absolutely sure it’s not viable ? Why does it piss you off so much ? There are lots of politicians openly calling for fedelarism (Etienne Sakr is a candidate to the presidency now, lol).. So why worry about Loubnanouna specifically ? I don’t think we need to pray just now. I think it’s completely normal to have parties you don’t agree with integrated. We do have “al jama3a al islamiya” thanks to our buddy fatfat, whose slogan is “liom el sabet, boukra el ahad”…(but of course, you never seem to mind these people, only FL and KATAEB for what they’ve done 20 years ago…) We have salafi cheikhs in Tripoli praising jihad in Irak and Afghanistan … and who knows, maybe soon in Lebanon. How come you can see the racism of one party but not from the others, who are far more dangerous.
    I’m glad there is something like Loubnanouna. Because maybe when you negociate something… say, a future viable unified country, you put the stakes a little higher of course, because it’s good to have something to bargain with. For instance: how would you impose a secular system ? So far I don’t know, but you do need strong arguments, and federalism is a pretty good one to me.


  3. tiens, btw, interesting to know :
    almost 41% of a poll for the presidency go … to Aoun.
    But who reads naharnet ? I thought it was basically 14th of march and l’orient le jour lovers … I don’t get it.


  4. Sandrine I explained in my post what is inherently bad about federalism Lebanese style. I need to develop more my argument. Will do soon.

    I criticize whoever gets in my way. the FL etc. have history, I judge according to that. the ‘salafists’ etc. don’t have that much history and I don’t judge solely on ideas, especially when it is the media that is the only communicator of these ideas. baaden what is wrong with “jiiihad” in Iraq? Also, do you think Jiiihad is an abstract notion one uses at will for no good reason? Yes why not do some jiiihad in Honolulu! What are you doing this weekend? I’m going to jiiiihad in the Caribbeans old mate!

  5. enno si t’as un aucun probleme avec les salafistes, ma ba3rif chou beddé ellak à part ça :
    beddé qu’il y’ait une fédération, et je m’assurerai que tu seras coincé à Tripoli, et je me foutrais bien de ta gueule 😛
    La tsir tehlam bi samir geagea dans ton sommeil …

    Tu sais qui – la chieuse

  6. WAKE UP!!
    Hezbollah is an iranian party, using lebanese chiias, to establish an anti-zionist, destructive and “jihad”ist project on our territory, Lebanon.
    this is loubannouhoum, AND FACHAR!
    they won’t fuckin do it! we will die defending our land, our history, our culture!

  7. Remarktz, could you explain more about why you think Loubnanouna is elitist etc. I’m not disagreeing, just want to know your reasoning. Thanks

  8. Elitism here is less a social class background in the economic marxist sense of the term, then a cultural one that posits the individual or the group in a position of distinction, oblivious of the existence of other groups.
    Thinking federalism in this manner (i.e. isolationism), is bound to be elitist, because it implies this idea of superiority and that preservation of the self of the group (here Christian) should be the number one political priority above all other concerns.

    Ok I stayed a bit abstract, but let me know if you need examples.

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