The Real

An anti-war activist at the US congress screaming “war criminal” to Condoleeza Rice before being stopped

Check the look on Condoleeza Rice’s face. It tells you everything.

4 Replies to “The Real”

  1. Hmm I agree Condie being part of the Bush Administration condoned the foreign policy we know. Concerning her she turned less radical during Bush 2nd mandate. She now has paradoxically the role Colin Powell had when he was confronting her.
    If someone in the present administration would try to prevent attacks against let’s say Iran, it would be her.
    I think the focus against the ‘new’ hardliners would be more constructive than sticking to the image we have of Condie. An image is never a fixed thing.

  2. Yeah but do you really buy that Condie has turned less radical,or isn’t it just part of the game to draw the palestinians to whatever they are trying to draw them to ?
    Did she turn into a some kind of human in such a short time ?


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