What is left of Nahr el Bared

Click on the picture to view the true extent of the damage.


8 Replies to “What is left of Nahr el Bared”

  1. it’s sick and devastating– a friend just returned from an impromptu “tour” of the camp (camp-er befriended her outside and “invited” her in, otherwise she would never have been permitted access). she said, unintentionally fisk-esque, that the smell was the most atrocious sensation. death, sewage, trash.. and kids caked with so much dirt they looked blue-black. to what are they returning to? absolutely nothing. no food allowed, nothing. “genocide” she said.

  2. 90% of this house are illegal, this is Lebanese land and should be for the Lebanese to benefit from.

    Now it’s called genocide, in my view the 33 soldiers that got killed in cold blood and then 200 soldiers that died are worth more than the 30,000 palestians that live there.

    I don’t give a shit what happens to them they took these terrorists in they deal with it, plus these no point for them to return as Lebanon should clean up and invest in this PRIME LAND.

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