Make Love, Not War …

The Pentagon considered a proposal to create a hormone bomb that could turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in sex than fighting.

Along those lines, US contractors may want to rethink the wisdom of sending former SLA and LF guys into Iraq as security guards. Lebanon’s gentler sex might, perhaps, serve as a more effective deterrent against evil-doers.


8 Replies to “Make Love, Not War …”

  1. Yeah, also you could get Hizballah to stop training Moqtada Sard’s Mehdi Army, and concentrate on their group jaweiz mit3a over there instead.

  2. Haha, let me use some of Hassan’s famous populist rhetoric to drive the point home:

    Iza ma 7dorneh, bi2oulla 3ana aghbiya wa mit3asbeen, wa iza 7dorneh bi2oulla 3ana 7ameer wa mit3asbeen.

    7torna wa khtorna! 😉

    Besides, nobody said it was against my will my dear rambler.

    Ramble on boys and girls, ramble on…

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