Has the Race Begun …?

I cannot help but think that the very public beating Bandar Bush is taking may be a sign that the race for the Saudi throne has begun. While much of the fighting will take place behind the scenes, it will be interesting to see how changes in the role of the Saudi regime in international affairs will require some of the grandsons to duke this out very publicly. Stay tuned.


2 Replies to “Has the Race Begun …?”

  1. Very good point apo. but lest i am simplistic I think it will only be an internal-saudi (family) struggle with no bearing on foreign policy. But i may not know enough of the subject.

  2. What I mean is that I think the story does not break unless someone in the house of saud decides to take bandar down a peg or two by embarassing him in front of the media. Not to dis british investigators, but tracking saudi money is a tough job unless you got “someone” who wants to talk.

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