Hamas doomed dreams

So Fatah asks for permission to Israel to get arms from other Arab states to neutralize Hamas, and the latter’s leader Ismael Haniyeh wants to integrate its militia to the Palestinian security forces. Do you get it? Hamas lives in Alice’s wonderland… Can somebody tell Haniyeh despite all the efforts deployed, purely ‘Palestinian’ decisions will never be possible?

Fatah is not Palestinian anymore, people should wake up and scrap the last decades of history of Palestinian resistance.


3 Replies to “Hamas doomed dreams”

  1. seems like a reasonable strategy by a legitament democratically elected gov’t. fatah is looking nostagically back to their glory days and are ready to achieve that previous prominence at any cost, palestinian unity/statehood dreams be damned.

    factionalism/tribalism is a universal phenomena at all levels of gov’t. some gov’t’s just happen have had factors that allowed for enough stability that their gov’t can function w/ the innernecine jostling.

  2. hey ngl,as a ‘strategy’ it is naive, although of course this is what should happen. but as the other parties are hell bent on destroying them I don’t see how this will work.

    It is a bit like the case of Hizbullah.

    Nice to know you have several names. And thanks for reading.

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