Definitive Proof of Fatah al-Islam’s Connection to the Evil Empire …

Yankees Go Home!!! What more proof could anyone need?!? Everybody knows Bashar al-Assad still hates Bucky Dent, so please stop with the Damascene conspiracy theories.

In the more serious political world of calling balls and strikes, let me say that this is additional proof that Fatah al-Islam are not hard-core jihadis, but rather pay-a-day foot soldiers of a very local — and idiotic — concern. That a Lebanese version be rather awkward in its branding makes sense in the land of “adi-b-as” bags.* Hence the odd charm, non?

I would imagine that most groups or individuals that the USG, the media and others identify as Al-Qaeda are much the same. Just mercenaries, and like soldiers of fortune past and present they dabble in (or are dabbled in) the cultish arts for institutional and/or political purposes.

In other words, give me $5,000 and I will find you a man ready to die for the Easter Bunny.

* Thanks, prince of zion.


5 Replies to “Definitive Proof of Fatah al-Islam’s Connection to the Evil Empire …”

  1. Haha, I noticed that hat too. Funny. Of course, no need for me to mention that I disagree with the links…but I said it anyway 😛

  2. blacksmith, don’t worry we have never doubted that you find this ‘funny’. I know you want to sound interesting and open debates because you’re “openminded” etc. but don’t you think that there is nothing to debate?

    I mean for a start if you want to debate you could ask questions or pose problems. Personally for now I don’t think I can learn much from you. I can visit Naharnet for example on my own, no need to visit your blog.

    So address a specific issue, and provided you sound interesting than something could be started.

    Don’t get me wrong I put a lot of hope in this. But you have to give me something.

  3. holy fecal bunnies, apokraphyte, the bucky dent reference found my single malt sprayed on my monitor.

    as for the yankees cap, as you well know, many peeps have relatives that live in nyc. Also, many people have favorable views about nyc as opposed to the u.s. as a whole. everytime i travel abroad, people act surprised when i reveal i’m american (apokraphyte, i’m sure you get that as well from strangers abroad). this is followed by a reaction of mild apprehension (a reflex, i’m sure), until i explain i’m from nyc.

    sorry about the meandering above, but it doesn’t detract from the main thrust of your argument, i suspected just as much.

    i’ll be more concise and analytical next time when sober.

  4. Aaron,

    Sobriety is over-rated … 😉

    FYI: while I am a die-hard george brett fan, the brown people always think I am dutch… Go figure …

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