Morning thought …

Sometimes, when I go around my morning blog tour, I feel like I live in a parallel universe (or that they do – but that’s all relative) …

I wonder. Am I the only one who feels that way?


14 Replies to “Morning thought …”

  1. Haha, isn’t that funny? Thats how I feel when I visit your blog (and some others).

    I’ll go against past experience and suggest a frank chat to try and, at least, make those universes less parallel…

    …what have we to lose after all except some time, patience, and energy.

  2. Everbody feels this

    and, believe it or not, it is this precise impression of “I’m awake while the sheople are asleep” that drives capitalism, consumer culture and other evils.

  3. cali – who said capitalism is evil? 🙂

    bj – i wasn’t complaining. and who is to say that my “universe” is the more correct one? 🙂 maybe one day i’ll elaborate, but today especially it was just interesting to see how people seek to consolidate their worldview by leaning on others who have their same worldview. anyways, keep up the good work with all your updates.

  4. actually, i meant it when i had previously said that i’m a blood-thirsty capitalist.

    sure, i’m all for social justice and generalities of such, but there is no reason not to make profit in the process …

  5. Hmm…reminds me of a friend who’s fixated on the ugly symptoms she’s perpetually plagued with and multitude treatments, ointments, snake oils etc. Still, she’s convinced that there is no cause, nothing’s broken, nothing needs fixing…

  6. And of course, to clarify the notion of making profit while tackling social justice (since they aren’t mutually exclusive), I can point at for-profit social ventures. For example, two examples from India are 1) Sulabh and 2) Aravind eye hospital.

    There is much that can be done in the world while still being self-sustainable.

  7. Hi m.

    there is a difference in relentless and never ending accumulation and self sustainability. 🙂 and the other question becomes when at a point capitalism becomes so domesticated, that it can be considered social just on a global level. will then still be capitalism i.e. working according to the same principles of the separation of the means of production i.e labor and capital. (in very short)

  8. Moving away from the capitalism argument (waste of time, in my humble opinion), I have to say that I’m still totally uncomfortable with this whole parallel universe sense that we, and many others, seem to share.

    I’m in a very pragmatic mood these days, so I’m going to suggest something.

    Since you guys seem to specialize in criticizing the government, and I in criticizing Hizballah, Aoun, and the rest of “the crew” (well thats what they they tell me anyway)…

    And since our specializations have led to the (mis)perception that we place “our” side on a pedestal and are incapable of criticizing them, even though we know that isn’t true (right?)…

    …How about once a month (or something) we simply take a criticism from each others’ blogs and cross post it? There have to be some criticisms we agree on (but that we might relegate to an inferior priority while we rail against the other side)!

    Wouldn’t that go some way in addressing this problem? We don’t have to stuff our entire views down each others’ throats, but a recognition of some small points here and there might help.

    What do you think?

  9. capitalism has bad connotations associated to it, as does anarchy – but that does not mean anarchy is all that popular thought claims it to be (for example).

    i would in fact argue that the some of the ills of capitalism are due to factors such as government regulation and other oddities such as “corporate liability” – but these are not central to the idea of a deregulated market (as opposed to what economists love to call free and efficient markets) …

    and as for “capitalism becoming domesticate” … that just depends on what your definition / perception of capitalism is.

  10. bj – bech answered this in another post. is there a question you want to debate?

    also, i disagree with your premise in the third paragraph.

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