Ask a "Shiite"?

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, but this blog or whatever you want to call it, has thought it would be useful for an alleged ‘dialogue of civilization’ to “Ask a Shiite” in such an ingenious fashion:

Our resident expert will be fielding questions of a philosophical, physical, and political nature in regards to Shiite Islamic belief and Middle East perception from his own eyes.

Notice the ‘rank’ of the ‘resident’. And notice that a lot of weight is put on “perception from his own eyes”. Did they mean to talk about his eyes encapsulated in a reified conceptualization of a uniformed and monolithic bunch of Shiites?

The loveliest part of it all, is that these forum of discussion are genuinely believed to engage ‘dialogue’ when in fact they serve to crystallize at a much deeper level a rigid perception of “the other”. “Lodge” it in your head: Nobody thinks according to a cohesive system of thought that a dilettante ‘thinker’ has written in a paper or book or what have you. There is not such a thing as a Shiite. Only you, me, political dominant players whether Shiite-named or not, are those who conceptualize an alleged “Shiite Islamic belief”.


11 Replies to “Ask a "Shiite"?”

  1. yes you are good bech, and it made sense. if you need a resident lentil soup expert to field philosophical, physical and psychological questions about, well, anything, look no further. 🙂

  2. No offense, but you all are idiots … 🙂

    The real question of the day is what on earth is bech doing on a web site entitled “prose before hos.” bech …?

  3. Thanks Maha.. you’re always welcome!

    Apo ’tis a weird name indeed.. But I got this link forwarded to me, so the question should be asked to… Moussa!! Shu ya Moussa? 🙂

  4. So you couldn’t go beyond …hos, is that what occupying your mind these days apokraphyte?

    You pervert…:-)

    Look beyond the name, beyond the label…

    And you are not going to put anyone in a defensive position regarding this one…

  5. Without my “Labels” (red, black and sometimes blue), I am nothing … 😉

    And yes, as with all lawyers and as per our training, prostitution is always on the brain … 🙂

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